Service all types of garage door opener/ liftmaster, Marantec, Genie, Chamborlin, linear

what makes Great American Door any different than the other companies.


The other guys will charge you more for 14 gauge hardware and call it as heavy duty hardware. 14 gauge hardware is  the standard hardware for us  at a low price.  We sell the  2" galvanized springs not 1 3/4" oil dipped so you get a longer life from your springs.  I have 11 yrs as a finish carpenter i bring along with me so when modifications are needed you don't have to go anywhere else.     (pic above is the 'before ' and  the 'after'pic  is on the cover.)"

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How can i get more info on the screens


Just follow this button listed LIFESTYLE SCREENS


How do i know if my door is balanced?


With the door in the closed position, release the operator lever that connects the motor with the door.  lift door a couple feet and see if it stays,  If it does or lightly drops to the floor  it is properly balanced.   If it wants to slam closed, have a professional technician check your spring condition to adjust or replace as necessary.